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PRL Civic Type-R FK8 Stage 1 Intake System PRL Civic Type-R FK8 Stage 1 Intake System


Technical Notes:
The PRL Motorsports Stage 1 Intake System offers great gains at an affordable price. This kit replaces the corrugated factory inlet hose with our better looking, smoother flowing 4-ply silicone hose and high flow air filter. The pleats found in the factory hose makes disrupts air flow, which limits power potential and throttle response.
Kit Includes:
(1) High Flow Drop-In Oiled Panel Air Filter
(1) 4-Ply Silicone Intake Hose Kit
Performance Gains:
6+ horsepower & 5 ft/lb torque throughout the power-band

Our Price: $129.00
Mishimoto Radiator Hose Kit FK8 Civic Type R Mishimoto Radiator Hose Kit FK8 Civic Type R

  • Direct fit for the 2017+ Honda Civic Type R
  • Radiator hoses are constructed from 4 layers of silicone with heat-resistant embedded fibers
  • Improves heat and pressure tolerance
  • Includes high-quality worm gear clamps for ease of installation
  • Available in black, matte black, blue, or red
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

Our Price: $132.00
J's Racing Low Temp Thermostat FK8 Civic Type R J's Racing Low Temp Thermostat FK8 Civic Type R

Opening the valve at 65℃ (Stock 78℃).

Full opening at 75℃ (Stock 90℃)

All Honda vehicles with high power motor maintain a delicate relationship between the water temperature and the engine power. When the radiator water temperature starts rising, the ECU automatically reduces the risk (MAP correction mode) by increasing the fuel and retarding the ignition timing, which results in losing power. A

This thermostat sets the valve’s opening temperature lower than the stock to circulate the coolant earlier and to maintain the temperature at the ideal 75℃ to 85℃. As a result, it works toward preventing power loss, knocking, and various negative thermal effects and the engine will operate with the peak power.

The installation is an easy bolt-on regardless of the type of the radiator used from the stock to the fully tuned race car.

A must-have item for your high powered Honda.

Our Price: $168.00
Torque Solutions Intercooler Boost Hose Set FK8 Torque Solutions Intercooler Boost Hose Set FK8

Torque Solution Silicone Intercooler Boost Hose Set is a must have for your Porsche 997.1 Turbo. They have been designed for optimal flow using high quality 4 layer silicone. They withstand higher boost pressures and heat over the OEM hoses. We also include (4) Black Anodized CNC Billet Aluminum Couplings for a perfect fit and finish.

* Eliminates the failure prone rubber hose
* (4) 4 Layer Silicone Construction Boost Hoses
* (4) Black Anodized CNC Billet Aluminum Couplings
* (8) Stainless Steel Worm Gear Clamps
* Direct Fitment
* Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our Price: $185.00
HKS Intercooler Piping Kit FK8 HKS Intercooler Piping Kit FK8

■Aluminum Piping Kit

Replacing the rubber inlet & outlet hoses with aluminum hoses restrains its expansion to improve the throttle response and smoothly increase the boost pressure.

Also, aluminum hoses can be securely connected even under a high pressure.


Factory rubber hoses are replaced with aluminum pipes and silicone joint hoses, and they are secured with reinforced hose bands.

HKS original casting inlet pipe allows smooth layout.

Our Price: $295.00
Injen SP Series Short Ram Intake FK8 Civic Type R Injen SP Series Short Ram Intake FK8 Civic Type R

The Injen SP Series Intake Systems Feature the Patent Pending MR Technology Process for Optimal Gains and a Safe A/F Ratio. The Injen SP Series Intake System does not limit itself to just a Cold Air System or Short Ram System. The MR Technology process has its effects on both types. The Injen SP Series Intake is The World's First Tuned Intake System

Our Price: $300.00
Injen Evolution Series Air Induction System FK8 Injen Evolution Series Air Induction System FK8 Civic Type R

*Features and benefits of Injen's EVOLUTION air induction systems:*

* Dyno tuned as a System for GUARANTEED safe horsepower and torque gains
* Officially the largest SuperNano-Web dry filter on the market
* The first stand-alone air filter chamber for ample on-demand air supply
* Sleek and sexy design lines for unmatched looks under your hood
* The first built-in filter minder for quick, easy and accurate filter inspection
* Designed and built in the USA from cross-linked polyethylene for outstanding durability and heat insulation
* Durable stainless steel hardware and automotive grade hose couplers included
* The perfect OE fitment; just drop into the original mounting points, fasten clamps, and drive away!
* All Injen intake systems are designed and manufactured with pride in the USA

Our Price: $339.00
J's Racing Radiator Hose Kit FK8 Civic Type R J's Racing Radiator Hose Kit FK8 Civic Type R

J's Racing Radiator Hoses are constructed with 3 ply polyester silicone and designed to withstand temperatures of 180°C and pressure of 4kg / cm. Excellent quality has repeatedly been proven on the world's race and rally scenes. Stock rubber hoses are known for deterioration (cracking, ripping, and leaking) and may cause other components to fail. A simple replacement hose for long lasting durability and eliminates many other possible problems.

Our Price: $340.00
Koyo Radiator FK8 Civic Type R Koyo Radiator FK8 Civic Type R

Koyorad's new 48mm “HH” Series radiator core features an ultra high fin density to maximize heat transfer. Koyo designs and manufactures each radiator with precision; therefore each one is a direct-fit performance replacement for the stock OE plastic/aluminum radiator for a quick and simple installation with no modifications. Koyo has also integrated a 1/8” NPT female accessory fitting (supplied with a threaded plug) to accept temperature sensors typically included with aftermarket temperature gauges.

Koyorad quality is a direct result of their privately owned factories which allow Koyorad Japan to oversee each stage of radiator production. This ensures that quality is never sacrificed for quantity. Each Koyo all aluminum radiator core is hand assembled, Nocolok brazed, then TIG welded by hand with the finest aluminum available. These are just a few characteristics that have earned Koyorad Radiators their excellent reputation in performance radiators worldwide.

* Koyorad “HH” Series 48mm Hyper Core
* OE Specific mounting and direct fit
* Nocolok-R Brazing
* Precise Tube and Fin alignment
* Billet aluminum filler neck
* 1/8” NPT female accessory fitting

Our Price: $370.00
aFe Takeda Cold Air Intake System FK8 Civic Type R aFe Takeda Cold Air Intake System FK8 Civic Type R

Get more useable power out of your (FK8) Civic Type R! The Takeda Momentum Pro 5R Cold Air Intake outflows the factory intake, while allowing the car to breathe and perform to its greatest potential.

Dyno-Proven Gains up to +14 HP & +16 Lbs. x Ft. TQ
300 CFM Rating @ 7" H2O
Outflows Factory Intake by +35%
One-Piece Roto-Molded Sealed Housing with Auxiliary Air Inlet
CAD-Designed Roto-Molded Intake Tube
Washable and Reusable Pro 5R Air Filter for Maximum Performance
Unique Filter-to-Housing Interface for Easy Installation
No Cutting or Drilling into Factory Parts

Our Price: $380.00
Mishimoto Performance Air Intake FK8 Civic Type R Mishimoto Performance Air Intake FK8 Civic Type R

Add horsepower and sound to your ride with the new Mishimoto Performance Air Intake. This kit is engineered specifically for your car and includes everything needed to replace the restrictive stock airbox. Installation is quick and simple, perfect for some extra punch on the street or autocross course.

The Mishimoto Air Intake includes everything needed for installation, installs in under one hour, and works perfectly with the stock tune. The mandrel-bent aluminum intake pipe is available with a polished or powder-coated finish. This pipe utilizes a CNC-machined mass airflow sensor (MAF) housing to provide accurate and consistent MAF readings, which translates into a smooth power band. To reduce air intake temperatures, a powder-coated heat shield is placed between the air filter and hot exhaust manifold, significantly reducing heat-soak. The Mishimoto free-flowing air filter provides an 85% greater surface area, optimal airflow, and proper filtration of dirt and debris. The included Mishimoto oiled air filter is completely serviceable, allowing for a lifetime of reliable use. Additionally this intake kit includes a silicone coupler, clamps, and all other hardware necessary to complete a quick installation for easy bolt-on power. Along with an upgrade in power, this intake also provides an aggressive and rich intake tone that is a huge improvement over the stock intake.

The Mishimoto Performance Air Intake is designed in Delaware, USA and includes the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.

Our Price: $399.00
PRL Civic Type-R FK8 High Volume Intake System PRL Civic Type-R FK8 High Volume Intake System

The PRL FK8 Civic Type-R High Volume Intake system utilizes a 6" cone filter and billet 2-piece MAF housing with velocity stack(s) to allow maximum airflow while delivering proper fuel trims. The HDPE rotomolded air box utilizes the factory air duct and seal for optimal airflow and heatsoak reduction. Custom molded 4-ply silicone allows for all components to be safely attached without obstructing airflow.

No tune required!

Our Price: $399.00
Full Race Radiator FK8 Civic Type R Full Race Radiator FK8 Civic Type R

2017+ Honda Civic Type R Radiator Upgrade

It’s no secret that turbocharged engines produce a LOT of heat – and the CTR’s Integrated Exhaust Manifold (IEM) cylinder head is no exception. Despite breaking records at Nurburgring, Increased Cooling capacity is one of the most critical upgrades for the 10th generation Civic Type R.
2017+ Honda Civic Type R Radiator Upgrade Features:
High Efficiency: 100% aluminum TIG welded radiator with 60% increase in surface area and 25% greater coolant capacity
Retains all OEM fittings and mounting connections: designed specifically for the Turbocharged FK8 Chassis
Direct Replacement Utilizing the Stock Fan and OEM AC condensor mounts

Our Price: $435.00
Injen Intercooler Kit FK8 Civic Type R Injen Intercooler Kit FK8 Civic Type R

Injen Technology Front Mount Intercooler Kits offer additional performance for your turbo charged vehicles. Each item is carefully engineered and tested to offer some of the best aftermarket upgrades in the market. Injen's unique design features their innovative step down piping and aggressive tube and fin type intercooler cores to give your turbocharged vehicle the best cooling system on the market.

Our Price: $470.00
HKS Racing Suction Kit FK8 Civic Type R HKS Racing Suction Kit FK8 Civic Type R

Concept and Features:

Aluminum piping replaces stock flexible hose and drastically improves intake efficiency.

Gives vehicle a distinctive sporty intake sound.

Vehicle specific heat shield helps to deflect hot air coming from engine

AFR (Air/Fuel ratio Regulator) corrects sensor readings and prevents CEL

Please note that a kit without AFR requires ECU recalibration.

Our Price: $500.00
Perrin Intercooler FK8 Civic Type R Perrin Intercooler FK8 Civic Type R

A key to making more power on any turbocharged engine is the addition of a high performance air-to-air intercooler. This part in the simplest of terms, cools the air going from the turbo into your engine, much the same as a radiator cools the water inside the engine, by transferring the excess heat way using multiple passages through a core. A PERRIN intercooler fits easily to the front of your Subaru to maximize cooling.

*Intercooler Core*
The most important part of any intercooler system is the core. The core cools the charged air on the way to the engine. The factory Subaru tube and fin intercooler was designed to be easy to manufacture, but is not good for performance.
Our testing has shown the optimum core design is the 3/8” bar and plate style that has a 3/8” charge air and ambient air path, instead of the common 1/4” size.

The PERRIN bar and plate core design is much more durable than tube and fin with the ability to withstand rocks and other debris, which may enter the scoop.

*Intercooler Support Beams*
Our intercooler support beam is constructed from boxed steel and powder coated black. Competitors use inexpensive aluminum bumper beams which save a little weight but are easily destroyed in a collision.

Every PERRIN intercooler is powder coated to further protect your intercooler from the elements making it look awesome for years to come. Our intercoolers come in two finish options, a bright silver or stealth black powder coat.

*Cast End Tanks*
The PERRIN Performance designed end tanks control for near perfect dispersal of hot air across the intercooler core. By eliminating any 90º corners adding a smooth, and gradual taper from top to bottom turbulence is eliminated. Each end tank incorporates an innovative mounting tab to secure the core to the mounting beam.

*Boost Tubes*
PERRIN boost tubes are CNC mandrel bent from aluminum tubing for better weight reduction. Every boost tube has an over sized beaded end to ensure the hose clamps and couplers stay connected and sealed! We choose to take the smoothest shortest path to get air to and from the intercooler.

Right off the turbo a smooth offset coupler carries the hot side air charge to a perfectly matched 2.25” boost tube. We chose 2.25" tubing for a smoother, cleaner, obstruction free routing while still being large enough to flow more WHP than most turbos can put out. The air charge then is routed through the engine bay next to the battery, and down behind the radiator to the intercooler. The cold side boost tubes are mounted as high as possible in the engine compartment to clear all turbo and intake combinations as it travels to the throttle body through the engine bay.

*T-Bolt Clamps*
PERRIN Performance T-bolt clamps are standard on PERRIN intercoolers. They are designed for uniform clamping at all points around the band. The wider band distributes the force over a larger area and the fine threaded bolts with nylon lock nuts allow for accurate torque and proper clamping. Never worry about having to re-tighten down the road, plus each PERRIN logo-ed clamp is made in the USA and has the torque spec engraved on each one. Advantage PERRIN!

*Coolant Reservoir*
The PERRIN front mount intercooler kit includes a PERRIN Performance coolant overflow tank. It adds clearance for better boost tube routing, holds more coolant than previous designs and uses the OEM tank cap for a great seal! The PERRIN Performance coolant overflow tank is protected from the elements by a black texture powder coating. It looks great and makes the silk screened logo pop.

*Note:* Coolant Reservoir not included with every Intercooler kit. Please confirm before ordering.

*Pressure Testing*
PERRIN Performance is one of the only intercooler manufactures who pressure tests every intercooler. We pressurize every intercooler to 50 psi. on our special jigs.This ensures you never get a core with a leak! Even the slightest leak can cause your vehicle to loose power, literally bleeding turbo boost pressure out the intercooler.

The PERRIN front mount intercooler kit only adds 9lbs of weight! If you take all the factory pieces you remove and compare them to the PERRIN parts you are installing, you will find you only added 9lbs!

*Logo Stencils*
Included with our front mount intercooler is a free PERRIN logged intercooler stencil. Use the stencil to easily paint the PERRIN logo across the front of your intercooler. Simply peel, stick, paint, and remove.

Our Price: $640.00
Greddy LS-Spec Intercooler Kit FK8 Greddy LS-Spec Intercooler Kit FK8

The addition of a GReddy intercooler is one of the best ways to safely increase horsepower in a turbocharged engine. By reducing the engine's inlet temperatures, a denser air charge will enter the engine; this can make more horsepower at the same boost level and even more power at higher boost levels. Even if there is a factory-installed intercooler, generally these stock units are not ideal even for factory boost levels. They are usually mounted in awkward locations and become very susceptible to heat saturation. They are not ideal for increased boost levels. Our vehicle specific kits include all the necessary mounts, aluminum piping, hoses, and clamps required to install the kit. All kits are designed with specific cores to provide an ideal concession of cooling and flow, with the added benefit of aggressive looks and style. This is achieved by finding an ideal position and configuration for a wide range of boost levels. Our engineers properly size the number of rows in the core and tune the internal core with either a free flowing V-spec. core, our new M-Spec. bar-and-plate core, or our R-Spec core with a different inner fin patterns . The V-spec and R-Spec cores are a lightweight air-to-air, tube and fin design with a highly efficient tube design, which allows smooth ambient flow for optimum heat dissipation and flow to engine cooling systems. Although only offered in very limited sizes, the M-Spec core is an economical compromise that has performance, which lies between the free flowing V-spec. and the extreme cooling potential of the R-Spec. cores. GReddy intercoolers kits offer a great balance of heat exchanging efficiency and flow. The ends of the cores are TIG-welded and capped off with our smooth flowing heavy-duty cast aluminum GReddy endtanks. Lightweight mandrel bent aluminum piping and/or cast aluminum elbows, complete with hose couplers, are used to route air charge smoothly to and from the intercooler.

Our Price: $660.25
Greddy Oil Cooler Kit FK8 Civic Type R Greddy Oil Cooler Kit FK8 Civic Type R

The GReddy Performance Products Civic Type R Oil Cooler Kit addresses the documented cooling demands of the high performance K20C1 engine. By mounting an efficient GReddy inner-fin oil cooler core, in an unused area of the front left bumper, it does not harm air-flow to the intercooler or radiator. For constant oil temperatures, the other key component in the kit, is the “tried and true” GREX oil block adapter with integrated thermostat for quick engine oil warm ups. The oil block and 10row oil cooler is connected by high flow -10 AN fittings and lightweight XRP performance lines. The complete kit also includes bolt-on brackets, necessary hardware and a circuit-spec air-duct, to maximize the cooling effects.

Our Price: $712.50
HKS Intercooler Kit FK8 Civic Type R HKS Intercooler Kit FK8 Civic Type R


The K20C engine achieves 320ps with 2.0L displacement, and the boost pressure exceeds 150kPa. Since the stock intercooler’s capacity is insufficient, the engine intake air temperature rises to nearly 90℃.
→HKS intercooler is using a larger size intercooler to maintain cooling performance.
The stock intercooler piping layout has a sharp bend so the intake air does not flow smoothly and causes the boost pressure loss.
→HKS intercooler integrates the inlet side tank of the intercooler and pipe to realize a smooth air flow and reduce air intake loss.

Newly designed 100mm wide core is approximately 200% of the stock in the core capacity. This large core shows overwhelming cooling performance difference.
Core Size  ★HKS:695mm x 178mm x 100mm  ★Stock:680mm x 143mm x 64mm
Minor modification of the fan shroud and rubber part that comes in contact with the core is required.

Our Price: $800.00
APR Radiator Cooling Plate Carbon Fiber FK8 Civic Type R APR Radiator Cooling Plate Carbon Fiber FK8 Civic Type R

The flow of air is not only limited to the outside of a car. To maximize cooling capabilities, a radiator needs a direct flow of air to allow an engine to maintain consistent temperatures on the race track. Because of structural gaps above the radiator, the flow of air could escape making the radiator not as efficient as it could be. To help improve the flow of air into the radiator, APR Carbon Fiber Radiator Cooling Plates can be utilized to channel the flow of air directly to the radiator. This will improve the efficiency of the radiator while adding a high-tech, race inspired look to your engine bay.

Complete 3-piece Cooling Plate Kit
Pre-preg. Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Process
Designed for Easy Installation
Fade Resistant Epoxy Coating
Honda Civiv Type-R 2017-2020

Our Price: $835.00
Wagner Comp Intercooler Kit FK8 Civic Type R Wagner Comp Intercooler Kit FK8 Civic Type R


The WAGNERTUNING high-performance intercooler has got a new competition core (Tube Fin) with the dimensions 670 mm x 183,4 mm x 125 mm (15.4 liters)/ 26,38Inch x 7,22Inch x 4,92Inch (939,76Inch³), which was developed especially for the requirements of the Honda Civic Type R FK8. This high-performance core offers an 91 % larger frontal surface and 140 % more core volume compared to the stock intercooler.

The aluminum cast endtanks were designed in CAD and optimized in CFD simulations (for an ideal internal airflow). An incorporated air baffle inside the intercooler inlet ensure a uniform filling of the intercooler. The result is a excellent cooling property with a minimal back pressure. The newly developed competition high-performance core is very light and provides the adjoining components (for example the watercooler) enough air flow by using a specially prepared air baffle. That`s why this kit is perfect for racing use. An optimal cooling effect of the charged air with a significant increase in performance!

An anti-corrosion powder coating with perfect heat-conducting properties protects the WAGNERTUNING intercooler from all environmental influences, so a lasting and optimal cooling effect can be guaranteed. The installation is done by replacing the original intercooler and is easy to perform (plug and play). All our products are subject to a continuous quality monitoring.

Inlet diameter: Ø65 mm/2,56Inch ; Outlet diameter Ø70 mm/2,75Inch

Dimensions stock intercooler:
V = 6,4 L / 390,55Inch³
A = 640 cm²/ 99,5 Inch²

Dimensions WAGNERTUNING intercooler:
V = 15,4 L / 939,76Inch³
A = 1226 cm²/ 190 Inch²

kit comes with:
1 intercooler
1 air baffle
2 silicone hoses (black)
1 mounting material
1 installation instruction
1 tüv certification

Our Price: $890.00
PRL Intercooler Upgrade FK8 Civic Type R PRL Intercooler Upgrade FK8 Civic Type R

Fitment Notes:
Please Read Before Ordering:
Technical Notes:
It’s no secret that Honda’s 2.0L turbo Civic is extremely susceptible to heat-soak, especially when retaining the factory intercooler. Excessive heat-soak increases the risk of detonation and causes major power-loss due to high charge air and cylinder temperatures. These issues become even more prevalent with spirited driving and/or increased power outputs.
The PRL Motorsports intercooler upgrade decreases charge air temperatures while increasing potential airflow with its dense 26.5 x 3.5 x 7.25" 550+ horsepower rated bar-and-plate core. Our intercooler core which increases surface area by 85% and internal flow by 83% to allow optimal cooling and airflow. Billet machined aluminum end tanks maximize efficiency while looking as smooth as they flow!
This intercooler utilizes factory mounting spots with our billet machined end tanks as well as all factory air ducts/shrouds. To maintain consistency with most of our PRL product line, no cutting, fitting or trimming is required. Kits will come with all hardware needed for a seamless install.
Kit Includes:
(1) Intercooler Assembly
(1) Cardboard Stencil w/ “PRL” Logo
(2) Buna O-Ring
Performance Gains:
Increased turbocharger spool
3 horsepower & 11 ft/lb torque gains by simply bolting on
Major mid-range power gains
50+ F degree drop in post charge air temperature at peak
Average of 32 F degree drop in post charge air temperature
Increased efficiency & consistency in power delivery
Increased engine safety
Intercooler to Charge Pipe Bolt(s) Torque Spec:
18 ft/lb

Our Price: $899.00
HKS Oil Cooler Kit FK8 Civic Type R HKS Oil Cooler Kit FK8 Civic Type R

Oil Cooler Kit with Optimum Core Size and Layout Design.

The kit for the fastest FF model CIVIC TYPE-R(FK8) is released.

■Product Development Concept

The K20C engine generates 320ps with 2.0 displacement; therefore, the vehicle is equipped with a water-cooled oil cooler to stabilize the extreme high engine output. However, under circuit driving, the temperature of both oil and water rise sharply because adequate heat radiation cannot be obtained, and fail safe mode becomes activated.

Adding HKS air cooling type oil cooler kit provides high heat exchange efficiency to suppress the temperature rise not only of the oil but also the water. HKS oil cooler kit includes a special aluminum air guide.


Newly developed 48mm wide 9-layper oil cooler core and special air duct to extract the maximum performance are utilized and mounted to the inside of the inner fender.

The oil pump’s pulsation noise generated by increase of engine rotation sometimes transmits to the vehicle interior through the high pressure-resistant stainless mesh hose. HKS oil cooler kit has the insulator to substantially reduce this pulsation noise.

The attachment has a thermostat to restrain excessive cooling of the part.

Vehicle modification required to install this kit is minimized. (Modification of back of the bumper, inner fender, and brake duct are only required.)

Our Price: $950.00
Mishimoto Intercooler Kit FK8 Civic Type R Mishimoto Intercooler Kit FK8 Civic Type R

Mishimoto intercooler kits are designed for an easy bolt-in installation.


* All-aluminum construction

* Reduce air intake temperatures

* TIG-welded for increased durability

* Available in several sizes and colors

Our Price: $1,050.00
GruppeM Carbon Fiber Ram Air Intake System FK8 Civic Type R GruppeM Carbon Fiber Ram Air Intake System FK8 Civic Type R

The GruppeM Intake is a beautifully crafted high capacity RAM AIR SYSTEM for the FK8 Honda Civic Type R makes full use of the engine bay drawing in the greatest amount of ambient air available. The carbon fiber filter case prevents heated air from entering intake stream lowering intake temperature increasing horsepower and torque throughout the power band delivering a sharp, crisp boost in performance revealing a truly sporty sound at high rpm.

Our chamber box design matched with the tried and tested technology of K &N air filters maximizes air intake flow from in and around the headlight and fender area.
GruppeM produces power and elegance with simple bolt-on installation, unsurpassed fit and finish enhancing the elegance and performance of the FK8 whether it tuned or in stock trim.

All products are produced in-house from the highest quality carbon fiber and materials at our HQ in Tokyo.
Honda Civic Type-R FK8 2017-2019
Each intake system is made by hand per order in Japan. Please allow 3-4 weeks for average delivery time.

Our Price: $1,200.00
HKS Cold Air Intake Full Kit FK8 Civic Type R HKS Cold Air Intake Full Kit FK8 Civic Type R

Concept and Features:

Combination of carefully crafted carbon cold air intake box and high performance Racing Suction intake adds a premium touch to engine bay and significantly improves quality of air supply to the engine. Carbon intake box is an effective protection from hot air around the engine. Constant supply of fresh air during drive helps to decrease intake temperature.

Dry Carbon Cold Air Intake Box for exquisite and sporty look
Polished Aluminum Piping to replace stock rubber hose and further improve air flow
Various separately available parts to select the desired combination
AFR (Air/Fuel ratio Regulator) corrects sensor readings and prevents CEL
Please note that a kit without AFR requires ECU recalibration.

Our Price: $1,300.00